Lung Cancer Cure

What is Lung Cancer Cure?

Lung cancer is the highest percentage of cancer worldwide. The majority of the diseases are smokers. For those who suffer from this disease usually easy fatigue, chest pain divided, prolonged and severe cough. Various ways identified by physicians to treat lung cancer, such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, the traditional medicine cannot be denied his or her effectiveness. Some examples of traditional treatment is the use of acupuncture and herbs. Acupuncture and herbs is a treatment of hereditary china from time immemorial to the present generation. This is because it only uses natural nutrients to treat patients. You can get The Tole Acupuncture treatment for more information.In addition, vitamin B17 is also one of a cure for cancer. This is because there are a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B17 in the apricot seeds. This was confirmed by a number of experts from abroad.

    • Herbal and Acupuncture

Acupuncture applies needles, heat, pressure, and other treatments to certain places on the skin to cause a change in the physical functions of the body. The use of acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Patients treated according to the calculation of day and gender. After treatment, patients are provided with a variety of herbal preparations depending on the disease being unwell. Among the diseases that can be treated through acupuncture is as rheumatism, stroke, cerebral palsy, cancer and many more.

For those suffering from lung cancer you can try acupuncture and herbal treatments at The Tole Acupuncture. This is because here were found to have acupuncture treatment services and also sells a variety of herbs to suit a variety of diseases. The herbs used are not imported from abroad but it is grown on farms themselves.

    • Vitamin B17

Laetrile, Vitamin B- 17 or Amygdaline is a naturally chemotherapy and available on 1,200 kinds of plants, especially in seeds and fruits such as apricots, peaches, plums, apples and others. It consists of a component glycoside and cyanide radical “bio- accessible “. This means it can penetrate the cellular membrane to intracellular up with precision and ease. Cancer cells, regardless of the type of cancer, known as Trophoblasts. Trophoblasts cells contain an enzyme called beta- glycosidase, B17 (Amygdalin) is a tool to unlock this enzyme. Other than that, when B17 is met by the enzyme beta -glucosidase, B17 breaks down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule benzaldehide and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Only the body or the human body with cancer cells has this enzyme (enzyme beta- glucosidase). This enzyme will form around the walls of cancer cells and is needed by cancer cells to the enlargement process. Cancer cells cannot survive in the absence of this enzyme.

Normal cells in our organism contain an enzyme called Rodhanese that “neutralizes” Amygdaline. This enzyme does not allow the Amygdalin to release cyanide. In this way , Amygdaline is used only as glucose to healthy cells and provide energy. Rodhanese of normal cell function to neutralize HCN released when the B17 from reacting with the enzyme beta- glucosidase that can only be found in cancer cells. B17 breaks down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule benzaldehide and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) every time I meet with the enzyme beta- glucosidase. Two glucose molecules are broken down to be absorbed by normal cells, normal cell effects will be more energetic when benzaldehide and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) was just in the natural by Rodhanese .

Malignant cells (cancer) does not contain enzyme Rodhanese. Because there are no malignant cells Rodhanese food enzyme HCN cannot be neutral. B17 is activated to release HCN. HCN continues to destroy malignant cells without being protected by the enzyme that has been in natural Rodhanese.HCN by enzyme Rodhanese going through the process of detoxification, through the ability of mammalian tissues in the presence of sulfur compounds convert cyanide to thiocyanate and removed through the excretory system of mammals.



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